General Information

As with most businesses in this day and time, we ask that payment due from dental services rendered to you and your dependents be paid at the time of service. We strive to advise you of this estimated amount prior to your treatment. If we do not provide you this information, please request it. We feel it is most important for you to know.

  • If you have dental insurance, we obtain an estimate of your out-of-pocket portion from your insurance company and ask that you pay only that amount at the time of service. Insurance benefits are sent directly to our office and will be applied to your account.
  • Insurance and the human body are unpredictable, so the quotes we give you are only estimates. Due to this unpredictability, after your insurance pays, there could be a balance or a credit on your account. If there is a balance, we send you a statement for your payment. If what remains is a credit, we send you a check for that amount.
  • We want you to always feel free to call us with questions or concerns about your charges, statements, insurance, or clinical issues. We are here to help you.


Our practice accepts and files all dental insurance policies except the TennCare, Medicaid, and Medicare policies.  As a service to you, we file your claims and help you receive your due benefits. We will be your advocate for receiving the benefits you deserve.  In return, we require you to pay your estimated portion at the time of service, and any remaining balance after the insurance company has paid the portion they are obligated to pay.

We are in-network for Delta Dental, but don’t assume that in-network is your only option. A large number of our patients receive benefits for their services here on an out-of-network basis. Often the difference in payments between the in-network and out-of-network can be as little as $2.00. Please ask us to call your dental insurance company and do a cost analysis on your benefits.

Please bring your insurance card with you when you come for your appointment.

Payment Options

We feel fortunate to be able to offer the following payments options. Please call us if you have any questions concerning payment.

  • MONTHLY PAYMENTS THROUGH CARECREDIT: We understand how critical monthly payments can be for some budgets. That is why we contract with CareCredit, a highly respected financial company that offers no interest plans as well as traditional low interest extended plans. We walk you through this entire process.
  • FINANCIAL CONSULTATION: We can help you afford your dental work in many different ways.  Please schedule a consultation with our treatment and financial consultant so that she can talk with you about specific ways in which to make your dental needs affordable and to save you money.

Office Hours

For your convenience, we are open Monday thru Thursday:

Mon 8:30am - 6:30pm
Tues - Thur 8:30am - 5:30pm
Fri - Closed to patient care


Our office is located at:

603 Hwy. 321 N, Bldg. 5
Lenoir City, TN 37771

865 986.6566

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